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BSR electric - Fostering E-mobility Solutions in Urban Areas in the Baltic Sea Region // Newsletter #4 / 2019

Dear Readers, in this fourth newsletter issued by the INTERREG V Baltic Sea Region project BSR electric you will get an update on the 10th Active Mobility Congress co-hosted by BSR electric in Gdansk, Poland. You will also find a save the date invite for the BSR electric final project conference on 2-4 of June 2020, being held in Gothenburg, Sweden. Also included is official information from our visit to Civitas Forum 2019, and finally the announcement of the BSR electric Online Learning Module!

Happy reading - Your BSR electric project

BSR-E capacity building seminar held with over 300 delegates at Gdansk, Poland

The 10th Congress for Active mobility kicked off with a bang on the 23rd of September in Gdansk, Poland. Co-organized by BSR-Electric, the conference featured prominent speakers from all around Poland and Europe, as well as held capacity building workshops and seminars in Active and Electric mobility.The conference included a 32 km E-bike ride across Gdansk’s different landscapes, a variety of workshops on urban mobility planning, and parallel poster presentations from the BSR-Electric and Cities.Multimodal partners. The conference was a  great opportunity to acquaint the participants with recently implemented investments in the field of improvement of pedestrian and bicycle traffic in Gdańsk, electromobility and a field for exchanging observations, ideas and experiences. 


Save the date: BSR-E Final Conference fixed for 2nd-4th June, 2020 in Gothenburg, Sweden

The final project conference for BSR-Electric will take place from the 2nd till the 4th of June 2020 at the Linholmen science park in Gothenburg, Sweden.  Along with dissemination of BSR-Electric use cases, the conference will present exhibitions of other electrification domains from the BSR-cities and Gothenburg itself, as well field trips to electrification projects around Gothenburg. Different electric modes like ferries & buses, as well as logistics vehicles like trucks and mini vans, with their supporting infrastructure will be on display. The event would conclude with the final project meeting at the Dome of Visions. Please keep an eye on the events section on the website for registration and further information.

CIVITAS forum 2019 showcases BSR electric 

At the Civitas Forum 2019 held in Graz, Austria, the BSR electric project team represented the project objectives to a wide international audience, along with INTERREG project cities.multimodal and SUMBA, where the team took the opportunity to network with industry experts. Not only were the participants interested in our project activities, they also shared their experiences in their own cities. This allowed us to further understand and acquire stakeholders. For more information on the conference events and presentations, please refer to the official documentations, protocols and resources here.

BSR-E Online Module Announced

The BSR-Electric project has announced it’s online learning module, where interested stakeholders can learn about policy design, technical nuances, implementation projects and best practices of different modes of e-mobility. The extensive online course would include multimedia instructional content targeted towards decision makers, researchers and students, and would also provide a forum to ask questions and network with domain experts. An outline of this course can be found here..

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